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Pongid Radio


Just when I was about to give up on sonicbids, I realized that I had been accepted to pongid radio which is like pandora, but indie, and is also on second life.. I am not on second life, but the fact that kurt vonnegut gave his last interview there makes it kind of awesome to be connected.

So I've been listening a little, it's pretty cool... check it out. They should have Dreamlike up soon.

The Yippie Museum/ The Theater of the Magical Real

So, IIIIII did a show at the Yippie museum and it was wonderful.. A confession..

When Myspace started I made an account under the name Nehedar -because it was my hebrew name.. I made the account so that I could promote my music!
But Myspace forced you to make 2 separate accounts. You couldn't change a personal page to a music page..

oh but that is the coolest.. check it out.. it's really fun : ) glad i gave up on myspace finally.. screw you rupert murdoch!

I just signed up for this because I heard that another artist won $500 on it (still don't know how she did that) but I have been getting a lot of random hits and comments.. it's weird! i'm not used to that, people are making comments that show that they actually listened to the music... nice feeling : )

new video in the works and maybe you want to write a review??

so, good friend daniel tsadok is working on a music video for sharps and flats from my second album "dreamlike." I am excited about that, no telling when it's gonna be done, but probably in 2009 : ).. urk.. and also I have no one writing reviews for "Pterodactyl Baby"! not that I know of anyways. Give a shout out if you're in, and it'll really raise morale over here : ).. (drool?) btw. pay no attention to the ads for viagra. which by the way is a major feminist sore point that in many places under many insurance plans, viagra is covered and birth control isn't !? wtf.. fix it! emilia

pterodactyl baby is out! it was a great show!

so.. we put on the show, toby goodshank was great, as was soce the elemental wizard. Jon Taub and Jason Horowitz are the new band and Jon did a great set on his own before the nehedar show. Lots of people came and everyone was in good spirits. I will say, in the interest of public slander, that Desmonds Tavern has the worst bartender that I've ever experienced in my life and mistreated not only me, but almost everyone who went to him for a drink! so needless to say we will not be playing there again. not the old guy though, the younger guy with the glasses. What a jerk..

New Way to Buy CD's

hey, so i decided that i should start sending my cd's out myself instead of using indiemerchstore.. so from now on, to buy cd's you go to the music section and on the page of the album you want to buy, there is a link to buy it directly from me.. you can use your paypal account or a CC.. anyways... you can still get cd's on itunes, rhapsody, amazon mp3, amie street, etc...

i'm really excited about the cd release party, especially Soce and toby goodshank who are people that I really admire as artists. : ) emilia

2nd album is a comin!

Thanks to Eli, the great webmaster the blog section is up and now I will be able to say hi and let you know what's going on..I can also list shows in the performance section!
Well, first off, I'll tell you that the third album is going to be done within a week or so.. which is crazy exciting! I think it's going to be called "The Siege" the cd release party has been booked for May 21, and we have confirmation from Toby Goodshank.. UPDATE: Soce the elemental wizard is on Board! and from david keesey. New guitarist jon taub is doing a solo set

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