Here's what the critic's had to say...

“This Heart is a winner! Thirteen stand out tracks, each as diverse as the next totally deserves accolades for her insightful, soulful, lyrics and electrifying music.”

- Rob Perez - The Music Universe

"If you feel as though you’re constantly running away from reality, maybe (Nehedar's) "This Heart" is what you need in order to finally buckle down and face your demons." 4 Stars

- Melissa Landrin - WordKrapht

“The edge between childhood and adulthood, between fantasy and reality, is where This Heart sits, leaning a little one way or the other as it switches between melodious and haunting ("Bells of the City" is a beautiful example of this, its distant-sounding trumpet and stark piano, paired with Cataldo's strong, calm voice, opens the album with an air of doomed inevitability), and playful, upbeat, occasionally old-world sounding tunes that seem like callbacks to dances around campfires and theatrical story-telling.”

- Tikva Hecht - Huffington Post Canada

“There’s something special going on with Nehedar, and I am positive only big things will come from it. It’s the same feeling I got from St. Vincent before she exploded, and I can only guess the same thing will happen here. This Heart is a superbly eclectic album, simultaneously containing elements of jazz, folk, and punk, and its lyrics ranging from soul-crushing depression to glassy-eyed optimism make it an album not to miss. I know once you listen to it, you won’t be able to stop.”

- Cody Conard - The Big Takeover